Generalgouvernement Arbeitskarte and a certificate, 1943

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Tags: Generalgouvernement, Arbeitskarte, and, certificate, 1943, Germany, 1933–1945

Generalgouvernement Arbeitskarte (English: work card, Polish: karta pracy) and a certificate that belonged to Marian Grandkowski from Poznań (Poland), born in 1909. In 1930 Marian graduated from a gymnasium in Poznań, in 1936 completed National Economy studies at Poznań University. Also studied in Poznań School of Commerce (German: Handelshochschule) in 19321937. He spoke German and French as well. Judging from the entry in Arbeitskarte, Grandkowski worked in the central office of the Ministry of Agriculture (German: Landwirtschaftliche Zentralstelle) since July 6, 1940.

A set of Arbeitskarte and certification of issue of the latter. Documents issued in Poland, Kraków (German: Krakau) in 1943 by Arbeitsamt Krakau.
Good condition. Shows minor wear typical of the age.