• Bronze Anti-Partisan Badge, C.E. Juncker Type 3.1
  • Manufacturer: C.E. Juncker, Berlin
  • Product code: 0066
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Tags: Bronze, Anti-Partisan, Badge, C.E., Juncker, Type, 3.1, Germany, 1933–1945, Berlin

Zinc base with soldered on set up Anti-Partisan Badge in Bronze (German: Das Bandenkampfabzeichen in Bronze).
Unmarked, albeit typical C.E. Juncker, Berlin manufacturing.
The bronze finish is almost lost due to time. Ground dug "been there" badge, fair to good condition.

Instituted on January 30, 1944. The badge was awarded in Bronze, Silver, and Gold classes to ground combat personnel for 20, 50, and 100 combat days of anti-partisan operations respectively. Luftwaffe personnel required 30, 75, and 150 operational flights in connection with anti-partisan actions respectively.

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