Infantry assault badge in silver by GWL

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Tags: Infantry, assault, badge, silver, GWL, Germany, 1933–1945, Gebrüder, Wegerhoff, Lüdenscheid

Infantry assault badge in silver by Gebrüder Wegerhoff, Lüdenscheid.
Zinc base with integral set up. Zinc corrosion on the averse as well as on the reverse, otherwise good condition.

Instituted on December 20, 1939. Initially instituted in silver the badge was awarded to non-motorized infantrymen units (including mountain troops) who participated in combat action on different days and met the required award criteria. The Infantry assault badge in silver was awarded to enlisted men, non-commissioned officers (NCO's) and officers, who have taken part in three or more infantry assaults, three or more infantry counter-attacks, three or more armed reconnaissance operations have engaged in hand to hand combat in an assault position or have participated on three separate days in the restitution of combat positions.