• Aluminum Waffen-SS belt buckle RZM 822/37 SS
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Tags: Aluminum, Waffen-SS, belt, buckle, RZM, 822/37, Germany, 1933–1945

Aluminum construction belt buckle with an embossed central section featuring an eagle with outstretched wings clutching a wreath containing a horizontal swastika, surrounded by SS motto 'Meine Ehre heißt Treue!' (English: My Honor is Loyalty!).
Makers number '822' is presumed to be Richard Sieper or C. T. Dicke. Year of production - 1937.
Buckle exhibits combat wear and use. Most probably a soviet war trophy, as the buckle has letters З.Н.С. (English: Z.N.S) scratched on the lower body.

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