Order of the Red Star to a Commander of Engineer Platoon (mine clearance), 1944

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Order of the Red Star (Russian: Орден Краснoй Звезды) awarded to Sergeant Zatonskiy Gavriil Zakharovitsch (Russian: Затонский Гавриил Захарович), Commander of an Engineer Platoon (mine clearance) of 10th Red Banner Restoration Railway Battalion, 36th Railway Brigade.

Order to award signed on July 30, 1944. Zatonskiy G. Z. received an award for demonstrated courage and bravery, as well as for exemplary work of his unit, achieving and overfulfilling set goals. 

Excerpt from award document (loosely translated): “During his service in the Battalion Comrade Zatonskiy grew from a private to a good commander. Participates in The Patriotic War since June 1941. During this time he took part in the fulfillment of a number of important combat orders. Completely devoted to doing his job. Demonstrated exceptional heroism and courage in the installation of obstacles, as well as in demining and neutralization of unexploded aerial bombs operations. Motivated his unit to execute combat orders in a fast manner and to the highest quality with a personal example. (...) During The Patriotic War blew up 12 km of railways, 201 railroad switches, 10 bridges, defused 11 aerial bombs. Personally highly disciplined, demanding of himself and his subordinates. Enjoys well-deserved authority among the unit men. Loyal to the Party of Lenin-Stalin and the Socialist Motherland.”

Zatonskiy G. Z. was also a recipient of Medal “For Battle Merrit” (Russian: Медаль «За боевые заслуги») on December 11, 1942 and Medal “For the Defence of the Caucasus” (Russian: Медаль «За оборону Кавказа») on September 23, 1944.

The order is made of silver with red enamel work. The maker mark is located above (Mонетный двор), and the serial number underneath the screw post. The serial number is comparatively low - 661 092.
Order is in good used condition with minor scratches due to wear and tiny enamel chip to the tip of the ray of