• Order of the Red Star to reconnaissance NCO. 1944
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Order of the Red Star (Russian: Орден Краснoй Звезды) awarded to Staff Sergeant Timohin Nikolai Aleksandrovich (Russian: Тимохин Николай Александрович), Starshina of reconnaissance company, 14th Rifle Division. Order to award several soldiers of the 14th Rifle Division with Order of the Red Star, including Timohin N. A., signed on May 31, 1944.
Timohin N.A. received an award for courage and bravery demonstrated during combat operations, as well as for organizing timely supplies of combat operations held by his unit.
Excerpt from award document: “Acting as a part of assault group on July 29, 1943 comrade Timohin one of the first broke in the enemy's stronghold, ran up to a dugout and started throwing grenades inside through the window. At that time, a small group of enemies tried to help the garrison of the dugout, albeit Timohin spotted them in time and forced to flee after he started firing his submachine gun, killing two Hitlerites. Comrade Timohin has 15 killed fascist soldiers on his personal account.”
Timohin N.A. was also a recipient of the Medal “For Battle Merrit” (Russian: Медаль «За боевые заслуги») on October 31, 1944, and The Excellent scout badge (Russian: Нагрудный знак «Отличный разведчик»).

The order is made of silver with red enamel work. The maker mark is located above (Mонетный двор), and the serial number underneath the screw post. The serial number is comparatively low - 475 129.
The order is in good used condition with minor scratches due to wear and tiny enamel chip to the tip of the lower-left ray of the star.

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