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Well-known ring designed by Gottfried Grau. While serving at the Siegfried Line, known in German as 'Westwall', Gottfried made the very first Westwallring from a piece of wire, bending it into a spiral to make a rosette on the narrow ring. When Gottfried finished his service at Siegfried Line, he handed the ring to one of his fellow colleagues as a gift. After enlisting in the Army, Gottfried came back to the Westwall, this time as a soldier. He immediately noticed that some men serving there were wearing a ring with a rosette, very alike the one he made by himself while serving here some time ago. It turned out that shortly after him leaving, the design of the ring, with a rosette on top, became very popular among soldiers and other persons serving on the fortifications and, soon it became an unofficial Siegfried Line symbol for those serving here. The story of the Westwallring is also encountered in the German period press.

Very good condition with evenly spread patina.

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