• Heer soldbuch, wehrpass and set of documents to Uffz.
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A lot of documents and personal belongings of Unteroffizier Georg Konečny from Austria.

Lot consists of:

1. Heer soldbuch with photo. Issued on 13. II. 1940 in Hollabrunn, Austria. List of field army units: (German: Feldtruppenteil) Feld-Ers. Batl. 9/4, Feld-Ers. Batl. 262/3, Uffz. Lehrgang Felders. Btl. 262
2. Heer Wehrpass with photo. Issued in Wien in 1938. IX. 05.
3. Wehrmacht training confirmation document issued by I. (E) Kompanie Inf. - Regt. 132
4. Confirmation document for the final candidate for the accountant examination issued by Inf. Ers. Btl. I/462
5. Photo of a woman (most probably wife - Franziska Konečny) 6. An information sheet about the dangers of dysentery in countries with moderate climate (inside the pocket of Soldbuch back cover).

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