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Tags: Eastern, Front, Medal, with, issue, packet, double, marked, '25', Germany, 1933–1945, Arbeitsgemeinschaft, der, Gravur, Gold, und, Silberschmiede

Eastern Front Medal (German: Medaille Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/1942). Double maker marked '25' on the ring for Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Gravur - Gold - und Silberschmiede, Innugen, Hanau. Very good condition. Original envelope and period ribbon. Envelope marked accordingly for Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Gravur - Gold - und Silberschmiede. Rare.

The medal was instituted on May 26, 1942, to commemorate the selfless service of German military personnel and non-combatants including female personnel of the German Red Cross at the Eastern Front from November 15, 1941, to April 15, 1942. It was also awarded to German allies – Romanians, Hungarians, Italians , and Spaniards. The medal was awarded to personnel who met one of the award requirements, i. e. serving in combat service within at least 14 days in the specified area of the Eastern Front, or serving in a combat zone within at least 60 days even if not engaged in actual fighting, or being wounded or frostbitten severe enough to be qualified for the Wound Badge, also completing at least 30 combat sorties (for Luftwaffe flight personnel). The medal could be also awarded posthumously. Decorations with Eastern Front Medal continued until October 15, 1944.

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